Perez Hilton blogs about 2NE1’s “I Love You”

American power-blogger on all things entertainment, Perez Hilton, has dedicated a post to 2NE1’s new song “I Love You.”

It seems the feisty K-pop girl group has won over one of the toughest critics just a week after coming under attack by Korean media for using live animals on stage.

On July 17, Hilton uploaded 2NE1’s new video and described the song as “a POUNDING heartbeat-themed vengeance. It’s K-pop incarnate, with catchy beats that hammer into your brainz till you are blinded by its musical magic!”

Hilton said he only understood one phrase from the song, but he adored the “popalicious track.”
Of course, this isn’t the first time the Hollywood insider has declared his love for 2NE1 in particular and K-pop in general. Back in March, Hilton focused on2NE1’s rendition of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” Most recently, the pop-culture blogger was highly impressed by another K-pop girl group, f(x).

Credit : dkpopnews


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