G-Dragon Set to Release New Solo Album in October

G-Dragon Set to Release New Solo Album in October

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon is making a solo comeback. G-Dragon’s new mini album is set to come out this October, and he will start his solo activities around the same time. It will have been one year and seven months since he released his first solo album “Shine a Light” in March 2009.

A YG Entertainment official said, “Right now, we’re working on making the songs that will go into his album, which is why we still don’t have a title song. After we finish making the songs we’ll decide on an album concept.” Currently, G-Dragon is working on choosing a title song for his new album.

Upon hearing that G-Dragon is making his comeback in October, singers who were set to release their albums during the same time have decided to change their dates. The reason? G-Dragon’s previous songs from his first solo album, such as “Heart Breaker,” “A Boy,” and “This Love” made it to several music charts, providing a large chance of success for his new album.

Another official from YG Entertainment stated, “Kara, SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls are set to make comebacks starting September. Then in October, we have G-Dragon releasing his new album. This is going to give new idol groups a hard time.”

G-Dragon’s fellow Big Bang member Dae Sung was recently acquitted of murder charges in a car accident involving a motorcycle. However, Dae Sung is currently not set for any activities until the end of 2011, so the other Big Bang members are going to carry on activities without him.

The hype for G-Dragon’s comeback continues to build. What do you think his new album will be like?

Credit : soompi


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