Seungri’s Me2Day: “Sent a text to Taeyang hyung..” (120817)

Seungri’s Me2Day Update:
오랫만에 태양형한테 안부문자를보냈다. 영어로답장이왔다.
이걸어쩌지? 곤란하다지금
TAG: 여러분이라면 어떤 답장을 하실껀가요?

It’s been a while since I sent a text to Taeyang hyung.
But he replied in English. What do I do with this text? I’m torn right now.
TAG: What would you reply?

On pic:
Seungri: Hyung, what are you doing~?
Taeyang*: Nothing! How r u?

*Taeyang’s name on Seungri’s phone is “YG Youngbae-hyung”


Translated by KristineKwak @ Twitter



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