I Love You Generates $700,000 in Revenue, 22 Million Streams in 10 Weeks

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It has now been 10 weeks since ‘I Love You‘ was released and while 2NE1 is touring Japan, the song continues to chart well back in Korea. Although the song has dropped 9 spots overall, likely due to its low ranking in BGM, ‘I Love You’ lands at #10 on the Norebang Chart and moves up 20 spots on the Mobile Chart to #14. It is also #13 in streaming this week, totaling over 22 million streams since it was released which is similar to the #12 song of 2011 (Mighty Mouth ft. Soya‘s ‘Tok Tok‘) in streaming.

With an additional 8.7 million DAs ‘I Love You’ not only remains very consistent, but has now accumulated the equivalent DAs of IU‘s ‘Someday‘ from 2011 and has generated just under $700,000 in revenue.

Check out the full chart below:

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On the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 ’I Love You’ falls to #27, down 7 spots from last week while G-Dragon rises to #2, up 3 spots. YG Entertainment artists hold 5 spots out of the Top 30 on the chart. Next week G-Dragon’s mini album and title song will debut on the chart which may push 2NE1′s ranking down once more, but it’s all in the family so hopefully Blackjacks will be supportive and look forward to more new music from 2NE1 in the future.

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Source: GAON & Billboard Korea



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