BIGBANG’s "Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012" in Thailand Mesmerizes 20,000 Fans

BIGBANG’s "Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012" in Thailand Mesmerizes 20,000 Fans

BIGBANG returned to Bangkok for the first time in 4 years to perform.

On October 5 and 6, fans gathered at the Impact Arena for BIGBANG’s two-day event. The crowd blocked out the sounds of music with their passionate cheers that dominated the venue.

BIGBANG performed a total of 23 songs, including hits and solo performances. The group kicked off the show with “Still Alive” and continued the extravaganza with “Stupid Liar,” “Day by Day,” “Heaven,” and “Fantastic Baby.”

Thailand fans went beyond expectations to show their enthusiasm for this long-awaited event. When “Day By Day” started playing, fans held up placards reading “STILL ♡ BIGBANG.” BIGBANG members were deeply moved by the collective effort of their fans.

Local celebrities, such as actress Aerin Yuktadatta and singer TON AF8, enjoyed the concert in the audience along with fans.

BIGBANG’s visit to Thailand created a sensation as soon the group arrived in Suvarnabhumi International Airport. All three floors of the airport were packed with fans eager to catch a glimpse of BIGBANG’s arrival. The same amount of the crowd filled up the airport in the late hours of October 6 to see BIGBANG for one last time.

BIGBANG is currently on their on-going global tour. Every concert has been selling out, which in result has been attracting many scalpers with pricey tickets. Recently, the group sold out a 24,000 seating capacity venue in U.S. in less than 2 hours and had to add two additional tour dates to meet demand.

In October, BIGBANG will continue their global tour in Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Credit : Billboard Korea





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