[INTERVIEW] Hello VVVI ☆ STYLE “Vol.1, V.I is the variety of talent! ‘

Short series of VI to his group as a member of HIP HOP · BIGBANG quintet of start from Korea! ! Recently, delivered weekly event or work, to his private stay in Japan to be a big success in Japan variety show, became familiar in the living room!

Hello, Vol.1, it is a talent variety VI to challenge!

– Not only as a member of the artist · BIGBANG, talent · VI that I as a ‘lived-chan’, very active in variety shows in Japan! Not only for music fans, has become quite familiar in the living room.
[VI] ~ Thank you!

– When awesome, there was also when they are on TV show three consecutive day.
[VI] on Sunday (Night) 7:00, 8:00, 9:00.

– I said the prime time for the weekend!
[VI] ~ is not it really amazing (as per others).

– Moreover, in people who are also amazing, which is co-starring.
It can then continue to co-star with his people on behalf of the entertainment scene in Japan [VI] Mr. pike (Akashiya), Mr. Downtown, and …… San (Koji) Higashino, feeling but I came up with it just talk you more than anything it is is not it funny? The ultra-high tension, I also very nice atmosphere of the scene. Do you say that I was able to discover a new “- was also the world must have been like” Oh, let the performers actually for stopping by. Who will be laughing all the way does not it? Forget such a thing – fun, is a work from the bottom of my heart every time.

– The variety show in Japan, which had been appeared many times as BIGBANG, you are that you have noticed that now appeared on the show by one person as VI, new discoveries, such as change of impression Did you?
Or can …… that ‘s great thing about variety shows in Japan [VI], the elements of the music or have entered into among the variety, or are the subject of cooking, know the various information of the world while watching the video I interesting just Do not just say, will be a wealth of knowledge, I will I learn a lot. On, if there is a program referred to in the other timing information obtained there, or try to say.

– Do not waste a single one, but I have to take advantage of properly.
Is not it a waste to much trouble to obtain good information [VI], know their own? “○ ○ It is what is ~ × ×” and say, I’m surprised I’m happy or me “yipe!”, Or glad, everyone of us is supposed to smile.

– I say smile contagious. I am become natural and smile just looking at the laughter of Mr. VI had said that of course Mr. VI, is reflected on the screen.
If me along a [VI], I’m really happy, I think it’ll be there any sense that I have come in variety shows.

– By the way, a lot of information out of Mr. VI got, tell me one thing?
[VI] previous “good laugh” when he appeared on (Fuji TV), “When you take a photo with everyone, why? Is it to V sign” It is not heard that. And then, V sign, which means I heard “(Victory) Victory”. VI of My name would imply “(Victory) Victory”, V sign, I’m also a pose exactly!

– So this is pretty good information!
I heard by chance [VI], leading to me. Surprised, I said to many people after that (laughs).

– I was a coincidence! ? By the way, even when (in March) we met last time, but the Japanese were almost perfect, it is perfect now! In the absence of almost any word you do not know?
[VI] But, there ‘s when it comes to change at Tama (laughs). During this time, but I went to Shanghai in concert BIGBANG, met with members of BIGBANG for the first time in many years, had been speaking in Korean with everyone, the next day, I came back to Japan, I speak in Japanese as usual until now, as wax, it slows down the rotation of the head. The words do not come to mind immediately, “Now, what I? Uh-oh is it? Did I want to say” What. It was hard to take time to really cut change from Korean to Japanese (laughs).

– Now, this very moment, that is, and has high conversion speed → Japanese Korean in the head of Mr. VI.
Yes, it is [VI]. Time so that you can more quickly at home, I am are you doing all the way to leave the TV in Japanese. That way, when I came into the ear Japanese nature and, if it is not stored in the head?

– I have a stack of day-to-day very important.
Yes, of course [VI]. Because it is such that it is taken for granted even BIGBANG. If you do not try anything, because I can not go forward!

– By the way, watching good TV shows?
[VI] The program that I have appeared (laughs). program that I have checked out everything. Watch it, or I should say such here, I can reflect on me ~ You should have more this way.

– On the contrary, you’ll praise him or me, I did it well?
Not [VI]. But Ah, either at once in a while (laughs). As a lot to him for his compliment, I want to become more proficient in Japanese as well, I work hard or studying comedy punch line …… (of the story) or between! (Laughs)

– Well, I think the next time you want to hear talk about life in Japan.
Yes [VI], ~ that I found. It began even “ORICON STYLE” the series of me from this time, I think through this series, I human or whatever, everyone had a lot of people know me as well alone. ~ Please look forward to us every week!

Via Oricon



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