Indonesia, 2NE1′s heading your way for their New Evolution World Tour! – It seems like Big Bang’s first concert at MEIS Ancol did not only bring surprises to the VIPS (Big Bang fans) but also one for the Blackjacks (2NE1 fans).

Just moments before the concert begun on Friday night (12/10), the VIPs who have filled the concert venue were treated to a showcase of Big Bang‘s MVs from the promoters. Not only that, another surprise had been prepared.

As per the rumours, the concert promoter, Big Daddy finally officially announced that the girl group that is from the same agency as Big Bang, YG Entertainment, 2NE1. is confirmed to be holding a concert in Indonesia.

According to Big Daddy, 2NE1 will be making their first ever visit to Indonesia as a part of the world tour titled “New Evolution Tour” and will hold their concert at the same location (as Big Bang), MEIS (the biggest indoor stadium in South East Asia). So far, the date has been announced to be 24 November 2012.




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