2NE1 Explore a Darker Motif for Fault Magazine in Headpieces by Daniel Vi Le

Those of you who haven’t ogled the scans of  2NE1 from Fault Magazine….what are you waiting for?  CLICK HERE!!!!

The rest of you might be wondering, “WHAT ON EARTH IS OUT THEIR HEADS”?  Well, we wondered the same thing and did a bit of investigating (actually the name of all the designers they are wearing is on each page of the pictorial kekeke).  What we learned was that the headpieces are all the product of one very talented young man, David Vi Le.

David Vi Le is

This above headpiece, worn by both CL and Dara was a work originally commissioned by designer Olima, recall that Minzy wore the designer’s corset jacket for the shoot. According to Daniel, the horn headpiece represents the dirt/ugliness of death and the realization during the burying.

This next headpiece, worn by Bom, represents  the soul venturing out of the body.

Bom’s “body piece”, note the original photo was altered to preserve modesty and in consideration of our minor readers

Finally, the halo headpiece worn by Minzy represents the beauty of it all, life redeemed.

Daniel has explained that the entire collection was therapeutic for him as it let him get over the death of a close friend. “Everything was arranged and placed in that order. ALSO the headpieces are consisted of 3 different sizes of triangles, and knowing a triangle, it has 3 sides!  This represented the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… and also my dear friend who passed away, and his bond between me and my other friend.”

Of the girls wearing his designs, Daniel blogged “Bananas. Dying. Dead.”

Credit: Daniel Vi Le’s Tumbler



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