[NEWS] Why did T.O.P whisper in actress Kim So Yeon’s ear?

 Actress Kim So Yeon revealed her crush for Big Bang‘s T.O.P on the October 23rd episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.

The actress had been on the blockbuster drama ‘IRIS‘ with T.O.P, and when the ‘Strong Heart‘ MCs asked who she wanted to have as her husband on ‘We Got Married‘, she answered she wanted to be with T.O.P.

She also confessed, “I saw T.O.P at the Busan International Film Festival, but I didn’t get to greet him. But after the festival, I met T.O.P at a party. I walked to him like a robot and said, ‘Hi?’. But T.O.P was nice to me. It was loud because of the music, but he whispered, ‘Noona, you’re here’ in my ear. He made me feel more confident after that because all the female actresses got jealous.”

Credit: allkpop.com



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