YG Entertainment, the entertainment company established by Yang Hyun Suk, of the popular Korean act Seo Tae Ji and Boys, has been at the forefront of the popularization of hip-hop music in Korea. From its inception, YG Entertainment has been the birthplace of some of Korea’s most popular and well-respected artists, from YG’s earlier artists such as JINUSEAN and 1TYM, to the immensely successful current acts, BIGBANG and 2NE1. The company has flourished by creating a family-like atmosphere where ideas on music, fashion, art and culture are exchanged freely between the artists, producers and staff members alike. The YG Family also includes a respected roster of actors and actresses, including actress and director, Ku Hye Sun, best known for the popular TV-drama “Boys Over Flowers” and Jeong Hye Young.

2012 Aug 08 2012 YG Family Concert in Japan Live DVD
2012 May 30 2011 YG Family Concert Live DVD
2012 Apr 18 2011 YG Family Concert Live CD
2011 Apr 28 2010 YG Family Concert DVD
2006 Sep 01 YG 10th [10th Anniversary Album]
2003 Sec 17 Color Of The Soul Train [Live Album]
2002 Oct 24 YG Family 2nd Album [Why Be Normal?]
1999 Dec 04 YG Best Of Album [Pass The Mic]
1999 Jul 29 YG Family 1st Album [Famillenium]

2012 Jan YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert Japan (Osaka, Tokyo)
2011 Dec YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert (Seoul)
2010 Dec YG Family Concert
2007 Dec One Concert
2006 Aug 10 YG Family 10th Anniversary World Tour Concert
(Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Washington DC, New York, LA)
2005 Dec One Concert
2005 Aug YG Family 2005 Thank U Concert
2004 Dec One Concert
2004 Aug 12 Soul Train 2004 – Se7en, Gummy, Wheesung, Bigmama
(Seoul, Busan, Suwon, Daegu, Incheon)
2003 Dec One Concert
2003 Jul Color of the Soul Train – Se7en, Gummy, Wheesung, Bigmama




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