Regarded as the best vocalist in Korea since her debut in 2003, Gummy’s voice resonates with the public. Her vocal talents have become a textbook for would-be singers, and her songs, such as “Should Have Been Your Friend”, “No”, and “Eoreunai have become the top choice of auditioning singers aspiring to reach the standards that Gummy has set. Throughout her career, Gummy has utilized her vocal skills to expand into other genres, including the electronic sounds of her song “Sorry” released in 2008, to the rock-influenced track “There is No Love” released in 2010. Most recently, Gummy participated in MBC’s popular music competition program ‘I Am A Singer” involving established singers from various areas of the Korean music business. As the show’s youngest competitor, Gummy performed alongside singers senior to her, but she rose to the challenge and displayed her talents in a new light.


2012 Apr GUMMY Digital Single
[Love RecipeⅡ- 요즘 사람들] with Booby Kim
2011 Nov GUMMY Japan Mini Album [Loveless]
2010 Nov GUMMY Digital Single [Love Recipe] with Bobby Kim
2010 Jun A-Live, [Gummy’s Attic – 30, My Story] ‘Around The Corner’
2010 Apr GUMMY 1st Mini Album [LOVELESS]
2008 Jun GUMMY Digital Single [My Love Is Faraway]
2008 Mar GUMMY 4th Album [Comfort]
2006 Apr GUMMY Unplugged Album
2005 Aug GUMMY 3rd Album [For The Bloom]
2004 Sep GUMMY 2nd Album [It’s Different]
2003 Feb GUMMY 1st Album [Like Them]


Featured Albums
2011 Feb SBS TV Drama [Midas] OST Part.2 ‘I Want to Wait’
2010 Oct SBS TV Drama [Big Fish] OST ‘I Love You Even If You Die’
2010 Feb REDROC Single [I Believe] ‘Lonely’

2009 Dec SBS TV Drama [Will It Snow For Christmas?] OST ‘Because It’s You’
2009 Oct Movie [Telecinema Triangle] OST ‘Farewell Come After Love’
2009 Sep [Ku Hye-sun’s Sketchbook – Breath] ‘Around The Corner’
2008 Dec MBC TV Drama [General Hospital 2] OST ‘The Path Towards Me’
2008 Nov Jung Yeop 1st Album Album [Thinkin’ Back On Me] ‘There’s No End’
2008 Sep SBS TV Drama [The Scale of Providence] OST ‘Compassion’
2007 Mar MBC TV Drama [Hit] OST ‘Pain’
2006 Sep Movie [Traces Of Love] OST ‘What Do We Do Now (Duet. Kim Hyun-Chul)’
2006 Jun Ha Dong-Gyoon 1st Album [Stand Alone] ‘Complaint’, ‘Hot-time Lover’
2006 Jan Fly to the sky 6th Album [Transition] ‘Let’s Start Our Love’
2005 Dec Kim Do-Hyang Album [Breath] ‘I Believe’
2005 Swp WHEESUNG 4th Album [Love.. Love..? Love..!] ‘I’ll Forget You’
2005 Jul LEXY 2nd Album [Lextacy] ‘Gladly’,’Hey Every Body’
2005 May 45RPM 1st Album [Old Rookie] ‘Past Luv’
2004 Sep Movie [A Moment to Remember] OST ‘Please Forget Me’
2004 Mar SBS TV Drama [2004 Human Market] OST ‘What can I say’, ‘Still’
2003 Dec Live Album [Color Of The Soul Train]
‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, ‘In The Still Of The Night’, ‘Got To Be Real’,
‘Victory’, ‘Somebody To Love’
2003 Oct LEXY 1sst Album [Lexury] ‘Up And Down’
2003 Mar SE7EN 1st Album [Just Listen…] ‘Good-bye’
2003 Feb BIGMAMA 1st Album [LIKE THE BIBLE] ‘You Inside Of Me’

TV Shows
2011 Nov MBC Our Sunday Night ‘Survival I am a Singer’



2012 Jan YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert in Japan]
2011 Dec YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert]
2011 Dec [2011 The Vocalists Concert]

2007 Dec YG Family 2007-2008 [ONE CONCERT]
2010 Dec 2010 YG Family Concert
2010 Jul 2010 GUMMY Solo Concert
2008 Dec 2008 THE SOUL CONCERT
2006 Aug~Oct YG Family’s 10th Anniversary World Tour Concert
2006 Jun GUMMY Solo Concert [LIVE STAR STORY]
2005 Dec YG Family 2005-2006 [ONE CONCERT]
2005 Feb Good Friends Concert 2005 Jeju
2004 Dec YG Family 2004-2005 [ONE CONCERT]
2004 Nov GUMMY Solo Concert [Shall we be crazy]
2003 Dec [We Are One & No.1 ONE Concert]
2003 Sep GUMMY Solo Concert [Dream Of Live Queen]
2003 Jul~Oct [Color Of The Soul Train]

2012 Billboard JAPAN Music Awards [K-POP New Artist of the Year2011]
2010 2nd Melon Music Awards [R&B Category Special Award]
2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Solo Category [Best Vocal Performace Award]
2005 2nd Korean Music Awards [Best R&B/Soul Album Award]
2004 Mnet Kmtv Music Video Festival [Mobile Popularity Award]
2004 19th Golden Disk Awards [Bon Sang]


TV Performaces
2008 Apr SBS [The Music Trend] ‘I’m Sorry’ Mutizen Song 2 weeks in a row
2008 Mar 27 [M Countdown] ‘I’m Sorry’ Winner
2004 Oct 31 SBS [The Music Trend] ‘Memory Loss’ Mutizen Song


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