Jinusean are pioneers of Korea Hip Hop and the “big brothers” of the YG Family. They are top-level rap artists who have released four albums since their debut in 1997. Their debut album sold over 700,000 copies, which is an impressive figure for a hip hop act, regardless of where they are from. For their 3rd album, they invited Cypress Hill, Mobb Deep, and M-Flo to be featured on their tracks, proving JINUSEAN’s passion for hip hop by involving international artists. Their mega hit singles, including “Gasoline”, “Tell Me”, “A-Yo”, and “Phone Number”, help JINUSEAN maintain their place as a top level hip hop group in Korea.

2004 Nov 13 4th Album [Norabose]
2001 Feb 07 3rd Album [The Reign]
1999 Mar 03 2nd Album [Jinusean 2nd]
1998 Jan 05 1.5 Album [The Real]
1997 Mar 01 1st Album [Jinusean]

Featured Albums
2007 Mar 21 Masta Wu 2nd Album [Mass Wu Pt.2] ‘Don’t Stop’
2006 Aug 24 Stony Skunk 3rd Album [Skunk Riddim]
‘KUSHeng Peng’
2006 Mar 08 SE7EN 3rd Album [24/7] ‘Bug’

2004 Oct 16 WHEESUNG 3rd Album [For the moment] ‘Clubbin’
2004 Sep 09 GUMMY 2nd Album [It’s Different] ‘Round 1’
2003 Oct 07 LEXY 1st Album [Lexury] ‘I Love You’
2002 Oct 24 YG Family 2nd Album [Why Be Normal]
‘Everybody Get Down (Part.2)’, ‘YMCA Baseball Team’, ‘Hip-Hop Gentlemen’
2002 Apr 25 SWI.T’s [SWI.T] ‘Everybody Get Down’
2001 Sep 04 Perry 1st Album [Perry by storm] ‘So Tight’,
‘Get Ready’, ‘Storm’
2001 Jul 06 JP 3rd Album [JP3] ‘Interview 1’
2000 Apr 22 1TYM 2nd Album [2nd round] ‘Ready or not yo!’
1999 Nov YG Family [Y.G best of album] ‘J.S Remix-YG Bounce’
1999 Jul 29 YG Family 1st Album [Famillinium] Perry ‘STP’,
‘War And Peace’, ‘YG. Bounce’, ‘Famillinium’
1998 Apr 06 YANG HYUN SUK 1st Album [Yang Hyun Suk]
‘Lights, Camera, Action’
1996 Sep D.O 1st Album [Do It] ‘Player’s Anthem’

2012 Jan YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert in Japan]
2011 Dec YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert]
2007 Dec YG Family 2007-2008 [One Concert]
2006 AugOct YG Family 10th Anniversary World Tour Concert
2005 Dec YG Family 2005-2006 [One Concert] 
2004 Dec YG Family 2004-2005 [One Concert]
2003 Dec, Jan [We Are One & No.1 ONE Concert]

1997 8th Seoul Music Awards [Best 10 Artist Award]
1997 Korea Visual and Records Grand Prize Award [Best New Artist Award]
1997 Seoul Pop Festival [Artist Of The Year]
1997 KBS [Artist Of The Year]
1997 SBS [Artist Of The Year]
1997 iTV [Artist Of The Year]
1997 MBC [Best 10 Artist Award]

TV Performances
1997 Nov KBS [Korean Pop Top 10] ‘Tell Me’ Winner
1997 Nov MBC [Korean Pop BEST 50] ‘Tell Me’ Winner 3 weeks in a row


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