Perry is the best producer and rapper leading the music of YG Family. He has a natural talent for creating songs that match the individual character of each musician, while keeping true to his style of using soft and popular hooks as well as high-quality sounds. Hip-hop artists and producers such as B-Real of Cypress Hill have praised his music and suggested others to work with him. Perry was born and raised in US, so he is able to relate to the strong sounds of original hip-hop. In addition to his production work, Perry is also an engineer and DJ, making him the definition of hip-hop.


2001 Sep 04 1st Album [Perry By Storm]


Featured Albums
2008 Oct 10 YMGA Mini Album [Made In R.O.K] ‘What’
2008 Jul 01 Um Jung Hwa Mini Album [D.I.S.C.O] ‘Shake It’
2008 Mar 12 GUMMY 4th Album [Comfort] ‘Clap Your Hands’
2007 Apr 19 LEXY 3rd Album [RUSH] ‘Get That’
2006 Mar 07 SE7EN 3rd Album [24/7] ‘Shut My Mouth Up’
2005 Jul 26 LEXY 2nd Album [Lextacy] ‘Hey Everybody’
2004 Nov 13 JINUSEAN 4th Album [Norabose] ‘What’s Up’, ‘2 All My People’
2004 Sep 09 GUMMY 2nd Album [It’s Different] ‘What Makes Her Better Than Me’
2004 Jul 07 SE7EN 2nd Album [Must Listen] ‘Two Step’
2004 Jun 10 TAEBIN 1st Album [Taebin Of 1TYM] ‘Don’t Stop’
2003 Nov 26 1TYM 4th Album [Once N 4 All] ‘OK’
2003 Oct 07 LEXY 1st Album [Lexury] ‘Baby Come On’
2003 Mar 08 SE7EN 1st Album [Just Listen] ‘Intro’
2003 Feb 01 GUMMY 1st Album [Like Them] ‘Do It’
2002 Oct 24 YG Family 2nd Album [Why Be Normal?] ‘Get Ready (Part.2)’,
‘Why Be Normal?’
2001 Feb 07 JINUSEAN 2nd Album [The Reign] ‘Holdin Down’,
‘Ooh Boy (The Black Crow Remix)’
2000 Apr 22 1TYM 2nd Album [2nd Round] ‘Ready Or Not Yo! (English Ver.)’
1999 Jul 29 YG Family 1st Album [Famillenium] ‘Famillienuim’, ‘S.T.P’
1999 Mar 03 JINUSEAN 2nd Album [JINUSEAN 2nd] ‘Return Of The Bomb’
1998 Apr 06 Yang Hyun Suk 1st Album [YANG HYUN SUK] ‘Smoke Of The Devil’,
‘Don’t Lose Yourself’, ‘Lights, Camera, Action’
1998 Jan 05 JINUSEAN 1.5 Album [The Real] ‘Jinusean Bomb (Remix Ver.)’,
‘No More’, ‘Throw Them Hands Up’, ‘What U Wanna Do (English Ver.)’,

1997 Mar 01 JINUSEAN 1st Album [JINUSEAN] ‘Jinusean Bomb’,
‘Celebrate (English Ver.)’


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