[PHOTO] Dara shares her experiences from BIGBANG’s concert in Manila!

In true fangirl style Dara shared pictures and her thoughts on the huge BIGBANG Concert that took place in Manila,  Philippines today. Check out her spazzing  below:

Update #1

 Translation: Manila!!! Are you guys ready? Scream now!!!!!!!! waaaaah~!!!! Show how much you love Bigbang!!! :) gogogo!


 Update #2 

Translation: It was heated before the concert even started! It is usually fun because Philippine audiences are known to be passionate, loud and fun to play with!! As expected everyone enjoyed themselves~They sing along to the Korean lyrics…I was even moved..^^ㅋㅋ


 Update #3 

Translation: Big Bang concerts are always amazing!!! I watched well and learned a lot!^_^ My friends who watched are saying that it was daebak and they are fans now! Clap clap clap! Everyone worked hard~ I hope 2NE1 can perform in the Philippines..ㅠ.ㅠ Mahal ko kayo~ Heart!!!


and Finally: 

Translation:  I really missed the screams of the Phil!!! I was really excited even if I did not perform! I really enjoyed it today!!! :)  You are one of the most beautiful crowd ever!!! we want to have a concert here too.. Eh eh eh eh eh eh~ !!! 2ne1!!!! Someday!!! Invite us ha! :) Good night!!! Sweet dreams! I love you!!!

Dara clearly had an amazing time at the concert, we hope Blackjacks who attended the concert, as BIGBANG fans also had a wonderful time!  

Credit:  Dara (@Krungy21) on Twitter



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