The founder and main producer of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk is an eternal star. Yang Hyun Suk, currently known as the generous captain of YG Family got his start as a member of Seo Tae Ji and Boys. After retiring from Seo Tae Ji and Boys, he was inspired by his love for hip-hop music to debuted albums of hip-hop musicians such as KEEP-SIX, JINUSEAN and 1TYM into the mainstream market, which gave him huge success as a producer. Building on that success, he continued to develop and nurture talented singers such as Seven, Gummy, BIGBANG and 2NE1, for which he has been recognized as the best producer at the forefront of the K-Pop world. As an equally kind and intelligent leader, he has enabled YG and its roster of artists to consistently bring new trends in music to the public.

1998 Apr 06 1ST Album [YANG HYUN SUK]

Seotaiji And Boys
1996 Jun 07 Single Album [Regret of the Times]
1996 Feb 10 Goodbye Best Album
1995 Oct 05 Seotaiji And Boys 4th Album
1995 Mar 27 ‘95 Taijiboys Concert [Farewall to sky] Live Album
1994 Aug 10 Seotaiji And Boys 3rd Album
1994 Jan 15 Live Album [’93 Last Festival]
1994 Dec 20 Live & Techno Mix
1993 Jun 21 Seotaiji And Boys 2nd Album
1992 Mar 23 Seotaiji And Boys 1st Album

Featured Albums
1999 Jul 29YG FAMILY 1st Album [Famillenium] ‘Famillenium’, ‘Hurry Up’
1998 Jan 05 JINUSEAN 1.5 Album [The Real] ‘No More – MF Family Ver’
1997 Mar 01 JINUSEAN 1st Album ‘Gasoline(D.O Edit Ver.)’

2011 2011 Korea Culture & Art Awards [Award of Presidential Citation]
2003 SBS Music Awards [Producer of the Year]
1996 MTV Music Video Awards [Asian Viewer’s Choice (Come Back Home)]
1995 MBC Music Awards [Best Song of the Year (Come Back Home)]
1994 Korea Video And Music Awards [Golden Disk]
1994 TV Journal Awards [Best Star of the Year]
1994 Japan Tour
1994 Seotaiji And Boys 1,2, best album Relesed in Japan
1994 National Video And Music Festival
1993 MBC Best 10 Music Awards [Bon Sang]
1993 KBS Music Awards [Bon Sang]
1993 Korea Video And Music Awards [Bon Sang]
1993 SBS Music Awards [Best Producer, Best Plan, Best Singer, The Greatest Singer]
1993 Asia Music Festival
1993 Concert [Tomorrow Will Be Late]
1992 MBC Best 10 Music Awards [Best Song of the Year, Rookie of the Year]
1992 KBS Music Awards [Best 15 Artist]
1992 Korea Video And Music Awards [Golden Disk]
1992 SBS Music Awards [Best Singer, The Greatest Singer]
1992 TV Journal Awards [Winner]


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