[PHOTO] Seung-chan’s Diary: “Oppan Panda Style”

We’ll go back to Korea tonight.
Philippines and Malaysia are delightful.
Besides they were the first times! I really wanna say thank you to everyone who supports us.
Sincerely thank promoters that make us have delicious dishes and concentrate on live performances when we stay in various nations.

Since when have I become a Panda?
The most impressive thing in my head, so far, is Panda…
I don’t take after panda in particular and have no relationship with it…
I haven’t said ‘I like panda’ somewhere…
Since when, SR = Panda, so all ones give me pandas for gifts.
I got many panda dolls. even it isn’t doubtful to open a shop for panda.

Is it because of my dark circles? Before, I cared about dark circles very much, so I went to the doctors to remedy them…
What the doctor said was shocking, “SR has incurable dark circles. your possibility… of operation success is low”
I thought ‘it can’t be helped~ it’s ok’… that’s why I became a panda is that?

Recently I care about panda.. To the extent that I think ‘huh?’ seeing white & black colors. And then ‘who are you..?’
Btw you know what? Panda looks gentle & quite generally but it turns offensive when his family & friends are in danger!
It is similar to me a bit! I wanna protect all of members, staffs and fans. that’s it ^__^
I’m not strong enough to protect them though…
I have to try hard.

I will greet morning in Korea by taking this plane.. ^^
Wait a moment! I go there! Then, well done everyone.

Credit: @ShrimpLJY via bikbaengs@tumblr



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