Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Epik High & Lee Hi “YG Entertainment Artists Hitting #1 More Than 10 Times Daily”

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Almost every new song YG Entertainment artists are releasing, all easily reach the number one spot. With 7 artists of YG Entertainment who had a comeback or a debut, each one of them managed to get #1 more than 10 times daily on the charts seizing the #1 spots for quite a while.

According to a major daily music chart ”Melon”, all of YG Entertainment’s artists have been ”sailing” on the roof every release. YG Entertainment’s artist Se7en was the first artist to reach the roof on Melon this year with his February ”When I Can’t Sing”comeback. This song is also ranked high in the monthly chart of February followed by a T-ARA track.

Following labelmate Se7enBig Bang finally returned too to the music scene after quite a while as members Daesung and G-Dragon took a while off due to a few circumstances. Ahead of ‘‘ALIVE” mini-album’s release, YG dropped the single”Blue” earlier then the album itself and it quickly sailed to #1 on all the charts, easily achieving an ”all-kill” status. Following the  Blue single release and MV, Bad Boy was the next track followed by the rest and the ”ALIVE” mini-album itself which instantly reached #1 on the March monthly chart.

That wasn’t just all, after dominating charts for quite a while with ”ALIVE”Big Bang released a repackaged album called ”STILL ALIVE” which once again climbed the charts seizing the #1 spots effortlessly on all the major music charts. The title track of the album ”Monster” was quite the hit as Big Bang showed a rather ”new” image with the music video released on the same day. The June monthly chart was clearly dominated by Big Bang followed by Wonder Girls with their ‘‘Like This”.

Girlgroup 2NE1 released their comeback single ”I LOVE YOU” on July 5th and as expected it dominated the weekly charts for quite a while. Even though it was a period of many popular artists making a comeback like SISTAR etc, it ranked quite high along with SISTAR’s ”Loving You”.

10 days after 2NE1PSY the now called ”world star” released his worldwide hit”Gangnam Style” on July 15th and charted high in the monthly charts for July, August and September.

After PSY it was G-Dragon‘s turn who made his solo comeback after 3 years in September with his first mini-album ”One Of A Kind” with ”One of A Kind” released ahead of time giving fans a taste of what would be coming their way. After OOAK, G-Dragon released another track, ”That XX” ahead of the mini album which topped charts directly. With the album released on the 15th of September, the title track”Crayon” instantly reached #1 and entered the top 10 along with the rest of the tracks of his mini album that succeeded in setting up the line. For the month September, ”Crayon” was ranked 6th in the monthly charts.

After G-Dragon it was time for Epik High to return to the music scene after their 3-year hiatus. With ”It’s Cold” featuring new artist ”Lee HI” released ahead of Epik High‘s album, it topped instantly like every other song coming from any other YG artist. After releasing their full album, the double tracks ‘‘UP” feat 2NE1′s Park Bom and ”Dont Hate Me” charted high instantly followed by the rest of their tracks giving YG Entertainment another successful comeback,

And just a few days ago, YG Entertainment finally debuted Lee Hi who was a runner up for ”SBS K-pop Star” with the track ”1,2,3,4” loved by many as the new artist showed her incredible vocals in not a slow ”ballad” song but a groovy track many are loving at the moment. Ofcourse it reached #1 after it’s release on every chart, and is still topping charts as we speak.

Specifically for Melon, 7 of the 9 songs on the list of those with the most times ‘Hitting MelOn’s Roof’ in 2012 are from YG Family!!!

    • #1 Big Bang — Blue 20X
    • #2 LEE HI — 1,2,3,4  11X, and counting
    • #2 Epik High (feat. Lee HI) — It’s Cold 11X
    • #2 Naul — Wind Memories 11X
    • #3 G-Dragon — That XX 10X
    • #3 2NE1 — I Love You 10X

    • #4 Psy — Gangnam Style 9X
    • #5 Big Bang — Monster 5X
    • #5 Busker Busker — If You Really Love Me 5X

Say what you will, but this is indisputable proof that YG music is well-loved/appreciated in Korea.

Credit: YGLadies


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