CL’s On and Off-Stage Persona

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To many Blackjacks, CL is known as the fierce and charismatic leader of 2NE1. On-stage, she always brings energy to huge crowds with her strong voice, raps, and dance skills. CL also displays a confident, tough girl image which is shown during interviews and fashion sense and is not afraid to speak what’s on her mind.

Many people are curious of CL’s personality off-stage and there hasn’t been much media press on her private life. From time to time, 2NE1TV has revealed clips of CL’s sweet and fun side amongst her fellow members, but what does CL do with some of her spare time?

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A surprise to some, CL revealed a different side of herself; a touching, caring side when it was revealed on Twitter in August that she visited the Holt Children’s Center to take care and feed orphaned babies.

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Around that time CL also contributed in a project to raise money for charity and appeared on the debut cover of SAUVAGE Magazine. The profits from the magazine were used to donate books to children.

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Her thoughtfulness doesn’t stop there, as she also sent a cake to her Korean fan site for hosting a gathering with a Thank You message.

The other members of 2NE1 have hinted at CL’s caring side in the past.
Bom“She seems really strong, but her inner self is really soft.” 
Dara“She is a child who always thinks of people around her first before herself.”
Minzy“CL shows the strong side of her when she is on stage. But the rest of the time she’s a person who’s really sweet. When it comes to taking care of others, she‘s the best at it.”  

Does CL’s warm and sweet side surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit:, @jinuSEAN3000, @BaddestFemaleCL, leechaerin (CL’s Korean fansite), 2NE1-baddest-female@tumblr



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