[UPDATE] Seung-chan’s Diary: “Seungchan is at Big Island Amami now”

I took plane from Korea to Fukuoka.
From Fukuoka, I took another plane to Amami Big Island.
Then again, from Amami, i went to Setouchicho by car.
And from Setouchichou i took a ferry to Kakeroma Island.
It was such a long journey…

This place is quite a countryside, but everyone here greets me with “Seung-chan”!!
I’m so happy.
I want to go to alot of places in Japan which i’ve haven’t been to yet,this year.
And this year also, I want to make everyone happy by my own ways. (He said just like Seung-chan)

Amami Island, Thank you so much ^_^
It was fun..


Source: @partnervi
Translated by: @0401rurutic

Credit: BigBangUpdates


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