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Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Epik High & Lee Hi “YG Entertainment Artists Hitting #1 More Than 10 Times Daily”

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Almost every new song YG Entertainment artists are releasing, all easily reach the number one spot. With 7 artists of YG Entertainment who had a comeback or a debut, each one of them managed to get #1 more than 10 times daily on the charts seizing the #1 spots for quite a while.

According to a major daily music chart ”Melon”, all of YG Entertainment’s artists have been ”sailing” on the roof every release. YG Entertainment’s artist Se7en was the first artist to reach the roof on Melon this year with his February ”When I Can’t Sing”comeback. This song is also ranked high in the monthly chart of February followed by a T-ARA track. Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] Epik High Discusses How Park Bom was Chosen to Feature in “Up”

Epik High has returned  with the release of the single “It’s Cold“, which immediately obtained an all-kill on the charts. Then, they released their new album 99 which has album been loved were interviewed at the YG Building recently.  Here are some segments from that interview.

Tablo: We thought about who should sing “Up.” Even the guide had a hard time singing it. We askedBom because she is good at power vocals. Continue reading

[PHOTO] Dara shares her experiences from BIGBANG’s concert in Manila!

In true fangirl style Dara shared pictures and her thoughts on the huge BIGBANG Concert that took place in Manila,  Philippines today. Check out her spazzing  below:

Update #1

 Translation: Manila!!! Are you guys ready? Scream now!!!!!!!! waaaaah~!!!! Show how much you love Bigbang!!! :) gogogo!

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