Have you got what it takes to be the next Park Bom? Or do you know someone in the US/Canada/Europe who does?

We’re giving you a heads up, the YG Entertainment Global Auditions is coming your way!
If you are (or if your friend is) between the ages of 11-19, andwant a shot at joining one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea, here’s your chance!

Audition Promo Clip
YG Ent. Global would also like usto spread the word about theseauditions so if you do know someone who fits the bill, be sure to let them know about YGEnt’s Global auditions in US, Canada and Europe. You, or your friend, could just very well be performing alongside 2NE1 at the next YG Family Concert!



If you are able to get to London or Berlin this month for the European auditions, be sure to go (and of course tell us all about it). Application forms are available at the Europe Tab on the


Credit : dkpopnews


4 comments on “YG GLOBAL AUDITION

  1. Hi, I am interested in auditioning for the YG Global Auditions. I am from the U.S and I am unable to view the images that are displayed on your website or am I able to view your audition requirements. I was wondering if their was another link or have it emailed to me?

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